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Also known as "bee glue" or "bee gum," propolis is a substance collected by honey bees from the bark of trees mixed with bee pollen to create a magical substance that is used to line the inside of bee cells. It is a residue of acidic resin that is soluble in turpentine oil and ether. It is gathered by honey bees from tree sap, buds, or other sources and mixed with bee pollen. Its color ranges from dark greenish-black to reddish-brown.

Propolis components include: 55% resinous compounds, 30% beeswax, 10% essential oils, and 5% pollen.

Propolis is considered one of the most potent natural antibiotics. In addition, it is a complete food that improves overall health, strengthens the immune system, and helps rid the body of toxins.

Some of the benefits of propolis include:

Boosting and strengthening the immune system
Activating the nervous system and brain
Acting as a natural anti-inflammatory
Containing antimicrobial substances
Working as a natural antibiotic
Helping to resist bacteria and fungi
Protecting and purifying the respiratory system
Alleviating asthma symptoms
Helping to heal colds, sneezing, and asthma.
Propolis can be ground and mixed with honey, water, juices, or daily meals such as yogurt.

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